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Each level has exams every three months, written and oral, which are used to motivated and control the improvement and progress of all our students.

As often as needed, reports are made and meetings with the parents are set up to keep them inform about their kids progress.


In kids with ages 3 to 5, oral English is mainly taught, even though kids are exposed to written English, like they are in their own language, but is not used in an active way. At those ages and in those firsts years the main object is to expose the students and have them familiarize with the English language. At that age is not good to force students to speak English outside class if they don’t want to, the environment around them is very important. However is important that parents ask their kids to tell them what they have done in class and specially to sing the class songs. Students have peculiarities according to their ages.

In kids, from ages 6 to 10, the main objective is consolidated the acquired knowledge and help the student to have a solid base in English. To do that, the four skills are used: listening, writing, speaking and comprehension, even though in Good English we give speaking a special treatment.


The cycle of teenagers have 4 levels corresponding to ages of 10 to 16 finishing with a high intermediate English level. In these levels, all the knowledge acquired in the previous levels are consolidated and more complex grammatical structures are introduced. More technical vocabulary is learnt and a big range of subjects are use for conversation purposes. The four skills are developed: speaking, writing, comprehension and reading, even though in Good English we pay especial attention to the writing skill.


The English language has become a very important tool in both academic and working environments. There are lots of reasons to learn a new language, from the needs of work to the new requirements by the EU for University students to achieve the B1 level (intermediate) or the B2 or First Certificate (high intermediate) as minimum requirement to have access to certain University degrees, scholarships or spending time overseas, the reasons to learn English are endless. The courses to prepare students for those exams have very precise academic and technical contents.


In Good English we prepare for the following ESOL exams from  Cambridge University.

PET or B1

PET or B1 is an intermediate exam that evaluates the skills to work with frequently use, speaking and writing test, referring to well known situations.

First Certificate in English (FCE) or B2

FCE or B2 is a high intermediate exam that evaluates the skills to interact with spontaneity and fluency, so students can express themselves with clarity about different subjects.


We know that learning a language is a challenge: as an adult, most of you have to combine this challenge with other studies or work, sometimes more important, but our goals require dedication from the students, going from coming to class on a weekly basis, taking part in the classes, working at home and doing the homework.  In our courses, students will not only be able to know grammar, but  will be able to communicate from day one, in English.

Our opening hours to the public are from 16:00 to 20:00 from Monday to Thursday. Call us at 697 962 887 or send an email to info@goodenglish.es if you need more information.