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GOOD ENGLISH is a centre which specializes in the teaching of the English language, born with the actual needs to learn such a language.

Establish in Las Almenas since 2006, in the Pino Montano neighbourhood, we are exclusively dedicated to the teaching of English in all its levels and degrees of specialization, with a personalized and constant follow up of each student, whatever level or age.

There are lots of ways to learn and we want ours to be different, based on the practice and with the aim to be able to speak and communicate from the first day in another language. And, at the same time, a fun way to learn grammar.

Our Academy is a place where you can feel good, it’s a cosy place and we try to highlight personal relationships, inside and outside of the premises, and the same amongst teachers and students. We firmly believe in what we do, and support initiatives we believe in, wherever they come from. We believe everybody’s support is extremely important to facilitate and stimulate the interest to learn.


Native or bilingual teachers.

Small groups.

Oral and written exams during the academic year.

Active and practical classes.



Dedication and tenacity.

Punctuality and attention in class.

Do your homework and work at home.


With more than 20 years of experience in the education field, teaching in academies and universities all around the world, all the teachers in GOOD ENGLISH are natives or bilingual with a university degree and specific training to teach English. Our team is made of young and dynamic teachers with a fresh and clear philosophy to teach, allowing our students to speak and get results accordingly to their objectives.

The academic department combines the know how of our solid group of teachers in constant evolution, bringing the latest and more modern techniques to teach English. All our teachers go through professional development programmes and teaching methods throughout the daily observation routines  of our academic department.

The person responsible of the student’s progression is constantly in touch with the academic team to guaranty the student’s constant changing goals.

Our opening hours to the public are from 16:00 to 20:00 from Monday to Thursday. Call us at 697 962 887 or send an email to info@goodenglish.es if you need more information.