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academia_2_verdeGENERAL LESSONS
The price of the classes will be established to provide a minimum of 2 hours per week, may be extended
the number of class hours depending on the needs of students @ and designed for a group of students @ s. The price of the school will be established by the academy.

The price of the classes will be established to provide a minimum of two hours a week, can be expanded the number of class hours depending on the needs of students @ and are designed for a single student @.
It can form their own group of 1 or more partners at the same level and needs (up to 10). The price depends on the number of students in the class.

In each case, according to our educational systems, we offer your company a careful preparation of the program English classes, covering:

• classes tailored to the needs of both managers and employees, group and / or individual, both General English as English specific to each business sector.
• Native or bilingual qualified and specialized in the linguistic objectives of each company, with the support of modern teaching materials to obtain the best results in the shortest possible time faculty.
• Assist Control: It collects the attendance of all students included in this training program for companies.
• Progress Reports: In order that the company knows the real progress of its employees. This report contains the student’s progress in all categories: Oral, comprehension, reading and writing.
• The fee includes all necessary materials including books and photocopiable material.
• Classes have a duration of one hour and the maximum number of serious students of 5 people. The minimum amount would be 2 per class.
• Test the level of each student. Groups of class organization. Developing training plans.
Our system is supported by an excellent team of native or bilingual teachers and a planning method that fully covers the areas of interest of the company and the interests and needs of workers.
Preferably based on the communicative approach, our teaching program is developed in the areas of:

Expression: Oral and Written
Comprehension: Oral and Written
Grammar, vocabulary (general, professional, colloquial), reading and writing all kinds of texts, correct pronunciation, knowledge of the different accents and expressions of the most important English-speaking countries.
Our academic offer English classes in companies consists of seven levels:
Upper Elementary
Upper Intermediate
Alvanced Level 1
Advanced Level 2
Advanced Level 3
In all cases, English classes for companies are supported by teaching materials of recognized standing and present in the teaching of English, CD’s, DVD’s, videos, Internet, etc., as well as most literature offer, books of general text or professional and / or business specialties, literature, magazines, newspapers, etc., also in all English classes for companies special importance is dedicated to the practical realization of the English by the students, with the completion of discussions, presentations, simulations of situations real role plays.


The price of the classes is establish to give a minimum of two hours a week, having the possibility to increase the number of classes depending on the needs of the student and they are designed for a single student.

There is the possibility of forming a group of 2 or more students with the same level and needs (to a maximum of 10). The price will depend on the number of students in the class.