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a. The content of this site is owned by Good English

To comply with the provisions of Law 34/2002, of July 11, Services Information Society and Electronic Commerce, we indicate the general information data of our website www.goodenglish.es

Title: Good English

Email: info@goodenglish.es

Phone: 697 962 887

b. Contact information

-for Email: info@goodenglish.es

-for Phone: 697 962 887

c. Notifications

Unless stated otherwise, all notices, summons, agreements, consents, acceptances, approvals or notifications which may be required pursuant to the provisions on the Web or that, one way or another, estuvieren related thereto, shall be reflected in writing and sent to Good Inglés by certified mail, return receipt requested, to the Registered Office.


a. Definitions

WEB SITE / SITE: The external appearance of the screen interfaces, both static and dynamic (Navigation Tree). The integrated elements both the screen interfaces and the navigation tree, including, without limitation and not limited basis, the texts, images, sounds, databases, multimedia products, interpretations, artistic performances, bindings, photographs, signs broadcasting, and in general all those creations and objects expressed through any media, now known or invented in the future, whether or not these be protected by the existing legal framework on intellectual, industrial property or any other similar legal systems (Content) and all those services and resources online that if offered to users (services).

b. Equivalence of terms

USER: Guest, client and / or a third party.

WEB: Website, website, and / or Portal.


a. Intellectual property of the Web

The website content is original and protected by the Law of Intellectual Property work. All rights are reserved by the owners.

Good Inglés owns and holds the license on the Web, its content and services.

The design of the site is owned by Good Inglés from programming, editing, compilation and other elements necessary for its operation, so the Good Inglés authorization for partial or complete reproduction is necessary as well as for modification, exploitation, distribution and / or marketing in general.

Holders of rights not allow reproduction, manipulation, or transmitted in any form or by any means of part or all of the contents of this web material, or the corresponding Web domains owned, including without limitation those elements forming the visual appearance, graphic image and / or other sensory stimuli of the web pages comprising the Website, such as navigation architecture, source codes, photographs, recordings, computer programs, databases, technology , logos, trademarks, text, graphics and / or design codes, without permission of the copyright holders, whether online or offline.

All or parts of the contents to DeGood Inglés is accessed through the service provided by the Web, they have been included under the principles of good faith, or are original or contain information derived wholly or partially from sources outside the own entity, why Good Inglés not responsible in any way for the inaccuracy or failure to update the Content.

Good Inglés reserves the right and / or right to make any changes at any time without notice.

Good Inglés shall at all times adapt your Web to any changes or updates on legal Telematic services.

The prohibitions set forth in its broadest definition, makes no distinction as to profit or not the individual or organization that fact, reiterating its ban in all cases.

Good Inglés can give their consent on the parts where they are holders of the rights, if they so elect, together or separately, but always written in physical form and not logical, if not decide or specify otherwise.

Generally, Inglés Good not grant any license or authorization of use of any kind on its intellectual property or any other property or right related to the Content, Service and / or design, allowing only the reproduction and temporary storage contents of the Web, as it is strictly necessary for the use and display from a personal computer, online connection.

Good Inglés when expressly authorized in writing, the user may download a single copy of the Services and / or Content for personal use offline. In any case, the license for use recognized in this paragraph may not be, in any case, assigned or transferred to third parties. User agrees unless otherwise authorized, which has obtained the license for a maximum period of twenty four hours.

You acknowledge and agree that use of the Website and the Content and / or Services it will be made of the same strictly personal, private and particular purposes. It is expressly forbidden for the user to authorize third parties to use the website in whole or in part or to enter and / or incorporated in a personal capacity, by way of a third party or in a business or self, the Content and / or Services in built Web.

The use or application of any technical, logical or technological resources pursuant to which users may benefit, directly or indirectly, with or without profit, is expressly prohibited unauthorized exploitation of the Contents and / or Services or the Web Site itself.

b. Good links to license Inglés

Users and, in general, those who intend to establish a link between their website and the website of Good Inglés, must comply and accept without reservation all the conditions, caveats and clauses that are included on the Web. Any other intention to link different from that contemplated require the prior written acceptance of Good Inglés.

Good Inglés authorized to enter and use their Intellectual Property to its website, according to the terms, conditions and objectives here agreed. You can not transfer, assign, license, encumber or subrogate in favor of third parties, totally or partially, the rights and obligations under this License without the prior consent of Good Inglés.

You may not reproduce or imitate, totally or partially, the content of the Website or the graphic appearance – look and feel – or produce frames – frames – or assembled links – link inline – pages Good Inglés.

No browser, frame, environment or navigation toolbar on the pages of the Web site will be created.

No statements or false, inaccurate, incorrect or slanderous on the Web Site will be held signs, the company or any of the Properties Good Inglés and, in particular, will not declare or imply that Good Inglés works or is a collaborating partner / or in any way he has supervised or assumed in any way the content or services offered or made available to the Web page on which the link is established.

The Web page on which the link is established shall not contain any trademark, trade name, label, name, logo, slogan or other distinctive signs belonging to Good Inglés, except for those signs that are part of the same link or other Properties that have previously been licensed in writing.

Only Good Inglés, its sponsors sites, partners and / or partners are legally authorized to use trademarks, trade names, logos or symbols of ownership of Good Inglés or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries, provided they receive written authorization.

The Web page on which the link is established shall not contain information or illegal, contrary to morals, good manners generally accepted and public order, nor contain content or services contrary to any third party rights.

Good Inglés reserves the right to terminate or modify at any time for any reason the licenses granted under these conditions.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, Good Inglés may take legal action against any use by the user who does not conform to the terms and conditions specified herein, infringes or violates the rights of intellectual property or similar Classroom Training Innova or any other legitimate holder or violate any regulations that may apply.

Good Inglés reserves the right to unilaterally cancel the license without any consideration exposed to the user, where the user simply communicating that fact, forced him to modify or withdraw immediately from your Web page any Property of Good Inglés, or remove any link Web Site, when so required within a period not exceeding thirty days.

c. Links to other Web sites Good Inglés

Good Inglés can provide links to other websites operated by entities or persons not related to the company – links – directories and / or search engines and access to information, content and services available on the Internet.

Installation has the sole object, the easy access and search, as well as expand the information available to users.

Good Inglés is not responsible for the contents published on these websites. If you decide to visit any site or link by link, you do so solely at your own risk and it is your responsibility to take all protective measures against viruses or other destructive elements.

Good Inglés not be held responsible for the reliability and speed of the links, directories and / or search engines that are incorporated into the Web to other websites, nor guarantee the use of the Web about their links to other Web disclaims any liability for Content and / or services to which the user can access through these links, nor the proper functioning of them.

The establishment of the link, directory, and / or search engine does not necessarily imply the existence of relations between Good Inglés and the third party, nor the acceptance and approval of Good Inglés of its content or services.

Unless expressly stated otherwise, Good Inglés does not offer or market itself or through third parties the information, content and / or services available on linked pages or underlying a search action, nor does it control, approve or oversee them or make them its own. The user therefore should exercise caution in evaluating and using information, content and services on linked pages.

Because Good Inglés has no control over these terms that are incorporated into its Web Site, you acknowledge and agree that Innova Classroom Training assumes no responsibility for the content or the services to which the user can access in these pages nor for any product and / or service that is sold and / or offered therein.


a. Access to Content and Services

To access the web site Good Inglés, the user must count among others, access to the Internet, either directly or through access devices pay connection fees and associated access, as well as having the equipment and systems necessary to connect to the Internet, including a terminal that is appropriate to that effect (computer, …) and a modem or other analogous or similar mechanism.

For correct use, visualization and implementation of certain Content and Services Web Site, you may need on their computers the previous installation or downloading certain computer programs or logic elements. This installation shall be borne by the user, declining Good Inglés any liability which might arise.

The User agrees not to access the Contents and / or Services on the Website by means other than the interface screen Good Inglés provided to access them.

Access to the Web is at the risk of the user, who knows and accepts, declining Good Inglés any responsibility in any field or action.

Good Inglés used on the Web and in their commercial and / or corporate communications, the Castilian language as a principal, without prejudice to use other languages, both national and regional, freely and without notice. Good Inglés is not responsible for the comprehension or understanding the language of the Web by the user, or the consequences which it derives. The no compression or no understanding of the text or the language used, not exempt from the required reading, acceptance and / or commitment to implement.

The contents included in the Web of Good Inglés is authorized only to potential end customers. Any other unauthorized commercial use thereof, or resale, are prohibited.

b. Minors

The use of the Web by minors should always be approved and supervised by their parents, guardians and / or legal representatives. Is prohibited for minors and incompetents visit and / or hiring the services offered in this website, without the authorization and supervision of their parents, guardians and / or legal representatives, which, they must have duly obtained prior to recruitment.

the child’s parents, legal guardians and / or legal representatives, responsible for the acts carried out by minors in their care, according to the regulations shall be considered.

The full responsibility in determining the content and services to which minors have access lies with the adults (parents, guardians and / or legal representatives) are in charge. As Internet allows access to content that may not be appropriate for minors, users that there are mechanisms, including software filtering and blocking, which limit the content available and, although not infallible, it is reported they are especially useful to control and restrict the materials that can be accessed by minors.


a. Users

The use of this website attributes the navigator the condition of user (visitor, customer and / or third party) site, which implies adherence to all conditions in which it is accessed.

Users who access the Web DeGood Inglés, will do according to the law, morals, good customs and public order, and undertake at all times not to access the Website and the Content in a manner contrary to the established and / or illegal purposes, violate the rights and freedoms of others, or that may damage, deteriorate, saturate or slow down the web, to the detriment DeGood Inglés or third Users. Users do not copy, distribute, disseminate, transform, modify or manipulate the content, services or Web in general.

It is forbidden for any user, collect data for advertising purposes and / or to transmit any kind of publicity and / or communications for purposes of sale or other commercial without any prior request or consent.

Good Inglés can have on your website products or services available to users where they can introduce any type of contents or information, such as newsgroups, chats, personal Web or other similar nature. Similarly, Good Inglés itself on its Web mail service and / or contact forms, available to members in order to enable them to contact Good Inglés, which they undertake to use email this service under the law, the customs, practices and / or public order.

Users in the use of products and services which provide information or Content, not shall prejudice the fundamental rights and freedoms, not incite or promote demonstrations or criminal, xenophobic, terrorist or degrading acts based on sex, race, religion , beliefs, or disclose pornographic content or services, nor will advocate violence.

Access to the Contents of the Web by the user, is entirely his responsibility having no effect on Good Inglés any direct or indirect consequence resulting from access to the Web, whether they are physical, logical, moral or personal.

Good Inglés be liable to Users who misusing the Web, were causing damages to third parties, as well as possible viruses or computer programs, enabling them to introduce, build, host on the web and could spoil both Content as the proper functioning of this as well as equipment, systems and programs of Web users. Good Inglés may go against the users on all claims, damages, fines or administrative sanctions which could affect Innova Classroom Training and are direct or indirect responsibility of a user to enter any content or use any Web service without due diligence.

Good Inglés expressly prohibits access to their content and / or Services Website through robot systems or other mechanized system that does not correspond with the personal access to your pages.

b. Usage Rules

The User agrees not to damage, disable or impair equipment and computer systems or telecommunications equipment Good Inglés or any third party, nor the contents incorporated and / or stored in same.

The User agrees not to use the Content and Services in any manner that could damage, disable, overburden, or impair the Website or prevent normal use or enjoyment thereof by other users.

The User agrees not to modify equipment and systems Good Inglés in any way, or use versions of equipment and systems modified in order to gain unauthorized access to any Services and / or Content of the Website.

The User agrees not to interfere or interrupt access to and use of the Website, servers or networks connected thereto, or disobey any requirements, procedures and regulations established networks.

Good Inglés not responsible in any way for any damage that may be caused to a third party or by a user of the Web as a result of illegal or improper use thereof, or as a result of the content and information accessible or facilitated through her or sites linked to it. Those responsible will be the users or third parties causing the damage.

Any references that are made on the Web to any product, service, process, link, hypertext or any other information using the trademark, trade name, or the name of the manufacturer or supplier, which are owned by third parties, is not or imply endorsement, sponsorship or recommendation by Innova Classroom Training.

You agree that Good Inglés not guarantee the availability and continuity of the Website and the Content and / or Services, so it is not liable for damages that may arise as a result of the lack of availability and / or continuity.

Good Inglés not guarantee the absence of virus in the Services and Web Content, whether provided directly or by third parties, including connections through links, so you will not be responsible for any damages that may be caused as a result the existence of such viruses.

You understand and agree that Good Inglés not guarantee the legality, reliability, usability, reliability, accuracy and timeliness of the content and services on the Web, either directly or through third parties provided, including links, so you will not be responsible for the damages that may be suffered by Users as a result of the illegality, unreliability, uselessness, inaccuracy, lack of accuracy and / or relevance of the Services and / or Content, as it does not guarantee the vices and / or defects every kind of content transmitted, distributed, stored, made available and / or transmitted, received, obtained and / or is accessed through the portal or the Services.

c. Free navigation of visitors

The visit to the website of Good Inglés, in your own commercial plane of the licensed undertaking, is free for users who wish to visit. However, it reserves the right to change this in the future free of charge.

However, you agree that some of the content, services and / or products supplied directly or by third parties through the Portal are subject to payment of a monetary price in quality, in the manner determined.

d. Force Majeure

Without limiting the foregoing, Good Inglés not be liable for delays or faults produced in access, performance and operability of the Web Site, its contents and / or services provided, physical or electronic, nor interruptions, suspensions or malfunction of the same whenever originated from damage by natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, lightning or fires, force majeure, situations of extreme emergency such as war, military operations, civil disturbances, strikes, lockouts or any other situation of force majeure or acts of God.


a. Anonymous surfing

Good Inglés or on his behalf (a third party business linkage and / or provision of services), you can get and keep for statistical purposes, information about visitors to our website.

Among the information you can gather, the provider’s domain name and / or IP address that gives them access to the network, date and time of access, Internet address from which the link that goes to our web site is and / or the number of daily visitors to each section.

The information collected is completely anonymous and can never be associated with a specific user and identified by only part of Good Inglés.

b. Using Cookies

Good Inglés, or on his behalf (a third party business linkage and / or provision of services) may use cookies when a user browses the sites and pages of your website.

Cookies are files sent to a browser by a Web server to log user activities on the Web site anonymously, associating only with an anonymous user and computer, and do not provide personal data of the User.

When the user enables receipt, you may know the server that uses cookies, to which must consult the instructions of your browser.

Thanks to cookies, it is possible that the server itself and / or used Good Inglés, recognizes the computer browser used by the user in order to make navigation easier, allowing, for example, access to users who They have registered previously, access areas, services or promotions reserved exclusively for them without having to register each time. They are also used to measure the audience and traffic parameters, monitor progress and number of hits.

Users have the ability to configure your browser to be warned when receiving cookies and to prevent their installation on your hard drive. Please read the instructions and manuals of your browser for more information.

To use the Web Site Good Inglés, it is not necessary for the user to permit the installation of cookies sent, notwithstanding that is necessary for the user login as such in each of the services that require prior registration.

c. User Registration

Good Inglés may be required for general access and / or certain content and / or services, free or paid, completing a form. The user, in this case, must necessarily provide the information requested.

In the provision of such information, the User agrees to provide true, exact and complete details of their identity and update if necessary, log data so that they remain true, accurate and complete.

The data provided will be made freely and without pay, not involving any consideration, and implies unconditional acceptance of all conditions set out in the Web by the user.

Good Inglés can opt to choose as appropriate, broad access consisting of a username and / or password. In this case, the user may not select as user name or password words and / or expressions that in general, may contravene the law or the requirements of morality and generally accepted good customs and generally, words and / or expression upon which any right is held excluding utilization by the user of the same.

The User agrees to make diligent use of their user name and password, as well as to maintain them secret. It will be the sole responsibility of the user to maintain the confidentiality of your user name and password, personally assuming any activities that occur or take place using the same. You acknowledge and agree that Good Inglés reserves the right to cancel any registration for a period of time not to be reasonable.

In general, in relation to information that can provide the user on the Web page, the user can not select words or expressions that are offensive, slanderous, libelous, identical, similar or matching any way with logos, company names, and names, stage names and / or pseudonyms of third parties.

The User shall be responsible for all actions performed with your username and password. In particular, it will be responsible for selecting, as a key, password and / or as a reminder of it if there is such an option, keys, passwords and robust phrases, that is, combinations of numbers and letters and even, if the system permits, signs marks and special characters, hard to guess. In particular, the user will avoid choosing words from the dictionary, words that are related to him or easy to guess. Good Inglés not responsible for any consequence, damage or injury arising from such access or use of information by the user and / or a third party with knowledge of the key and / or password.

If the User provides any false, inaccurate or incomplete, or if Good Inglés has reasonable grounds to suspect that such information is false, inaccurate or incomplete, or information would be contrary to law or the requirements of morality and decency generally accepted, in accordance with the provisions, shall be entitled to cancel the registration and deny access and use, present or future, the Web Site or any Content and / or Services incorporated therein.

d. Data Quality

Good Inglés warns the User that, unless the existence of a legally constituted representation, no user can use the identity of another person and communicate their personal data, so that the user shall at all times keep in mind that you can only include data Personal corresponding to their own identity and are adequate, relevant, timely, accurate and true.

To this end, the User shall be solely liable for any damage and / or indirectly responsible, directly caused to third parties or Good Inglés, for the use of personal data of another person, or their own personal data when they are false, misleading, no current, inadequate or irrelevant.

The User shall in all cases able, will have the capacity to bind and / or contract and be an adult.

e. Data Processing

Good Inglés is committed to fulfill the Organic Law on Data Protection 15 / 1,999, which is currently in force and / or regional legislation and / or enforcement community in Spain.

f. Sending commercial communications and documentation

Good Inglés may refer to Web users who freely provide their data, business information, confirmation of transactions and / or documentation on any product or service that it considers may be relevant or necessary, either their own or third. In the case of shipments are of information, they will be identified as such.

Users of the website expressly agree to receive commercial communications, confirmation of transactions made and / or documentation of such products and / or services. This consent is revocable, without retroactive effect, with a simple notification of his will to the sender.

Users agree that the number of commercial communications, trade confirmation and / or documentation submitted is not limited, as his consent given has not been revoked.

Users agree that such commercial communications, trade confirmation and / or shipping documents do not constitute an unsolicited communications, to provide the user consent to the transfer of data and reception, to read, understand and accept the document and other clauses and / or warnings from the Web.

g. Submission of information by a user, customer and / or third

The user, customer and / or third party knows and accepts that the reference by you of information and / or content to the public access sections of this Web Site, or Title Company via electronic mail or any medium physical or logical , involve the granting Inglés Good for a non-exclusive license, unlimited in time, worldwide and free of charge to play, store, edit, modify, publish, incorporate in databases, publicly display, transmit, display, distribute, perform, or otherwise commercially exploit, in whole or in part, such information or content owned by the user on the Web Site in any form or by any means or technology.

Good Inglés reserves the right, in its sole discretion to edit, refuse or remove the information and / or Content aforementioned.

h. Retention of traffic data

Users understand and accept, giving its unequivocal consent to the retention of traffic data and / or commercial activities by Good Inglés, in the regulatory field and minimum period that marks the different regulations.

The User and Good Inglés, agree that the former can not be accessed electronically retained or treated information, but if you can meet a request by following the same procedure set forth in Claims and Complaints.


a. How to contact us

Your opinion is important to us. We are happy to incorporate their ideas into our sales channels. Send us your suggestions so we can improve and / or adapt our website to the preferences of our Users.

b. Who can contact, complaining and / or claim

Any visitor who wants it. Your suggestions help us improve.

Every visitor / customer person and others who feel they have been harmed by any act or omission of Good Inglés.

Complaint / Claims in relation to minors, these must be submitted by their parents, guardians or legal representatives.


As soon considers that a formal decision adopted or omission in acting, does not respect its interests or rights legally recognized as a user of the services provided in connection with the sale service brokerage, as its exposure as transparency and protection of our customers and / or good business practices.

It is excluded any question before or decided by a judicial body.

d. How to Claim

It must claim in writing by sending by certified mail, return receipt requested, addressed to the Head Office or contact address in the header of this writing, stating personal data, contact address, a fact that justifies the claim or complaint, where they had been produced, the signing of the claimant or representative.

May accompany the letter, a copy of any document proving the fact.

e. Operational

Good Inglés once received a complaint / claim shall acknowledge receipt in writing to the contact address provided for this purpose.

If further clarification or provide additional documentation is needed, you will be requested so please a phone number or contact e-mail address operational and quality, for greater flexibility to be included.

Your complaint / claim shall be decided within a maximum period of two months and shall be notified in writing by certified mail, return receipt requested, within ten calendar days from the resolution.

f. Warning and / or knowledge of conducting illicit activities

In the event that any visitor, customer or third party considers that there are facts or circumstances revealing the illegality of the use of any Content and / or Services, the performance of any activity on the website and in particular the violation of rights of intellectual property or other rights, by Good Inglés, a client, a visitor or a third party in relation to the website of reference shall send a notice by certified mail, return receipt requested, to Good Inglés, where the specification of the alleged illegal activity is included, along with personal data to prove their identity, initial contact form and documentation to support that fact.

The operations to be followed is identical to that followed in complaints and / or claims.


a. Extension Update and Nullity

The terms, provisions, conditions and warnings mentioned in this web of Good Inglés, domain name (.com, .net and / or .com), respective subdomains and / or subdirectories, regulate the access and use of each page Web locatable under their website or portal. Such information has the validity of a contract.

All parties acknowledge that they have full legal capacity to contract and act, and should represent others, each of those involved, states that has the power to hire and force the third, and the power that acts not It has been revoked or limited and is enough to force his client, having all the necessary approvals, and the effect is interested in its execution, accepting the terms and conditions.

This document is meant integrated into the Web, being a must read, accept and comply unreservedly.

All warnings, obligations and uses are considered valid in unit terms and as a whole, wherever be reflected within the totality of information available on the Internet Domain Name and / or Web site Good Inglés, with each required reading Once you visit the website, where the contracting party and / or visitor read, understand and accept.

Good Inglés has no obligation to control, and reserves may exercise this right without notice and even at random, the use that users make of the Website, Services and Contents.

In the event that the user does not fully and unreservedly accept each and every one of the clauses in the entire Web, you must abstain from accessing the Web Site and / or use the Content and / or services available therein .

In the event that one or more of the clauses they become invalid, illegal or unenforceable under any rule of law shall be deemed ineffective to the extent appropriate, but otherwise, remain valid.

The parties involved in the actions described, agree to replace the clause affected by another, or that have the most similar to those of the replaced economic and legal effects.

If any provision set forth herein is declared null and void, in whole or in part by any court or competent authority the remaining provisions shall, wherever possible, retain their validity.

The duration of all notices, warnings and / or clauses is indefinite. However, Good Inglés reserves the right to modify at any time and without notice, the presentation and configuration of the Web Site and the Content and Services incorporated therein, without causing the user any liability for damages or any consideration.

You acknowledge and agree that at any time Good Inglés can disrupt, disable and / or terminate any or all content and / or services that are integrated into its website, without prior notice, and without any consideration or compensation.

Means always read, understood and accepted this document, or any clause or warning Web before making any purchase.

The fact of acceptance by a User the clauses and / or warnings contained in the Web, means that lend its unequivocal consent to the above, in favor of Good Inglés.

b. Limitation of Liability

Good Inglés not responsible for damages arising from unauthorized access, use or misuse of the website contents. It does not guarantee the continued availability of services, being exonerated from any responsibility for possible damages due to the unavailability of service due to force majeure or errors in such networks for data transfer, beyond their control.

Unless the law expressly or determined by expressly stated otherwise, the User acknowledges and accepts that Good Inglés makes no warranty of any kind, either express or implied, on the Web, or the Content and / or Services incorporated therein and / or provided, including, without limitation and not limiting the availability and continuity of the Web and in particular, though not exclusively, that users can effectively use the Web, Content and Services, access the various web pages that form the Website or those from which services are provided, and the levels of quality, interoperability and functionality of the Web, as well as the Services and / or Content incorporated therein, or the interruption, suspension or cancellation of access to the Website and the Content and / or Services incorporated therein, or fitness for a particular purpose of the Website and the Services or Content incorporated therein, or the accuracy, completeness, accuracy and / or update Content, Services, products, texts, graphics, links and / or any other built-in Web Site element, and the results that may be obtained from the access and / or use of this Web site or its content and / or Services, or unauthorized access and alteration of data stored and transmitted through the Web Site or the services offered in this connection, nor the absence of viruses or other elements in the Contents that may cause alterations in its computer system – software and / or hardware – or in electronic documents and files stored on their computer system.

Good Inglés can not guarantee that any order made by the user to be feasible, so this will be carried out at your own risk.

Good Inglés does not accept claims for loss of profits to fall and / or impossibility of access to the Contents and / or Services inadvertent, accidental and / or for reasons outside the company, which the User expressly acknowledges and accepts.

The limitation of liability in this section is subject to all warnings and limitations contained in the Web, regardless of their location in the directory tree.

c. Transfer to third parties

The visitor / customer may not assign, transfer, encumber or subrogate in favor of third parties rights and / or obligations under all notices, warnings and / or clauses in the Web.

Good Inglés you can assign, transfer, encumber or subrogate in favor of third parties, totally or partially, the rights and obligations under the contractual relationship expressed herein, as well as the contractual position to any third party, meaning hereby clause that the user grants sufficient authorization to this effect.

d. Users outside Spain

They are supervised total and / or partial contents Good Inglés, directly or by companies / persons appointed from different locations in Spanish territory. Therefore, Good Inglés shows that it is possible that these contents are not suitable or not available for use from a location outside Spanish territory. Therefore, access to the contents in form and substance, is prohibited from territories where, according to the law in them, are illegal content or do not comply with established law.

e. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

In matters not covered in the terms set out in the entirety of the Web as well as the interpretation and resolution of conflicts that may arise between the parties (clients and / or visitors) due to the intermediation of sale and exhibition of products, It will apply Spanish law or applicable in Spain.

In the event that legal proceedings according to law begins, the provisions of this contract remain in effect and shall be respected by both parties.

Failure to read and not understand and / or ignore for any reason, the terms and / or warnings contained in all of the Web does not imply non-compliance.